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Our Approach to Professional Learning

The best fit for learners isn’t one-size-fits-all. Education technology (EdTech) has the potential to support learning for students with diverse needs using research-based strategies and features. Yet few products engage with research when building out their platforms, often waiting until after the product is designed to include research. Our professional learning services help EdTech providers understand what makes learners unique and how to leverage the science of learning to support their needs through inclusive, research-based product design.

We offer a variety of professional learning services that partners can customize to meet their needs. 

Product Services

Learner Variability API

We offer access to an Application Programming Interface (API) to integrate the Navigator research-based factors and strategies directly into other products and programs for diverse students. 

Accelerators and Workshops

We offer professional learning to help professionals develop mindsets and skills to use research-based, inclusive design methods to develop products and programs that better serve the whole learner. For instance, we provide accelerator training through the VITAL Prize Challenge.

Product Certifications

Our Marketplace team offers product certifications including in Learner Variability and Research-Based Design. These certifications allow school and district decision makers, educators, and community members, to more easily find and assess high quality EdTech products.

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