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Learner variability is the recognition that each student has a unique set of strengths and challenges across a whole child framework that are interconnected and vary according to context. It embraces both students’ struggles and strengths. In concept and practice, learner variability opens up the doors to cultural responsive and strength-based, inclusive teaching and learning for each student. Learn more about the research behind learner variability by reading our white paper, Learner Variability is the Rule, Not the Exception.

Our professional learning aims to empower educators and leaders with an understanding of what learner variability is and how to design for it in their classrooms using four guiding principles.

  • Design inclusive environments that foster belonging
  • Design for the whole learner
  • Design with the science of learning in mind
  • Design for student agency

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Services for Educators

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Services for Schools and Districts

Designing Classrooms for Learner Variability

We customize professional learning for schools and districts that support culturally responsive and whole child practices with a deep understanding of learner variability and learning sciences research.

Services for EdTech Developers

Designing Products for Learning Variability

We help EdTech providers understand what makes learners unique and how to support their needs through inclusive, research-based product design for the whole learner.

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