July 30, 2021 Update

In its most recent update, the Literacy PK-3 model has been expanded to include evidence-based factors and strategies on the development of early writing, including Handwriting Skills and Foundational Writing Skills.

Highlights from these additions include:

Learn more about the factors and strategies to support learners in PK-3 Literacy.

June 22, 2021 Update

The Learner Variability Project aims to broaden and deepen understanding of the whole learner in order to design more inclusive learning environments and experiences for each learner. To do so, our Learner Models translate learning sciences around key factors that address the whole learner and include strategies for educators and edtech teams to incorporate into their practice and design.

As of 2021, we have developed seven Learner Models spanning Pre-K to adult learners and are continually seeking to refine, update, and improve our Learner Models. The goal is to reflect the latest research and effective practices for learning, as well as incorporate the perspectives of educators, edtech teams, and diverse stakeholders within our work. In our most recent refresh, we conducted multiple focus groups, tapped the expertise of our Practitioner Advisory Board, and worked with researchers of color to update our Learner Models with a lens toward equity, learning differences, and actionability.

Over the coming months, we will share more information about updates to our Learner Models and content here.

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