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Individual Spaces


Having space where students can go supports Self-regulation and individual deliberate practice. This individual space serves as a place for students to focus on their work or take care of their emotional needs, rejoining the group when they are ready.

Use It in the Classroom

How you arrange your seating can be an asset for differentiating instruction. Summit Prep School uses different seating configurations for independent work, collaborative work, mini lessons, and large-group discussions.

  • Teachers can establish individual spaces in the classroom with supplies such as models and resources to support student practice and focus. In particular, teachers can provide review materials so students can interweave practice of both old and new material (formally interleaving). In smaller classrooms, providing sound-blocking devices for students to wear can be an alternative to providing an individual space.
  • Design It into Your Product

  • Products can provide calming techniques, such as breathing exercises, listening to soothing music, and viewing serene photos or videos, to support Self-regulation. By allowing learners to elect when to use such techniques, products help students develop their own abilities to regulate their Emotion and gain a better understanding of themselves.
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