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Multimodal Instruction


Instruction in multiple formats allows students to activate different cognitive skills to understand and remember the steps they are to take in their math work. Instruction can incorporate text, visuals, gestures, manipulatives, and/or audio to facilitate increased student comprehension and retention in Short- and Long-term Memory.

Use It in the Classroom

Starting from 1:48, watch how this middle school teacher provides multimodal instruction by using visuals in addition to verbal communication. By referring to visual aids, such as written text on the whiteboard or gestures, she conveys the same information in multiple formats.

  • Teachers can employ a variety of techniques to complement verbal instruction so that students attend to and remember new concepts. For example, teachers can reference visuals, posters, or text on boards to reinforce important aspects of their speech. They can also use hand signals as another representation form to communicate multiple steps.
  • Design It in your Product

    Learn how Motion Math provides multimodal instructions and interactive games when solving challenging math problems. Learners can access the content through visuals, sound, and movement.

  • Products can readily leverage color, graphics, animation, and sound to draw Attention to salient pieces of information and support memory formation in both Short- and Long-term Memory.
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