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Non-intensive HNE Intervention Program


A parent evening meeting about how to support numeracy at home with one follow-up meeting with each family has shown strong results for students' math development. The second meeting can consist of an individual session that introduces the principles of Counting and provides ideas for Counting games, giving parents resources for continued math support for their children.

Use It in the Classroom

  • Teachers can provide families information and suggestions for providing students more math exploration and play in their homes. They can also facilitate access to math games and manipulatives by allowing students to take home classroom materials.
  • Design It into Your Product

    Videos are chosen as examples of strategies in action. These choices are not endorsements of the products or evidence of use of research to develop the feature.

    Watch how Komodo, an adaptive math program, is designed for busy families and uses a little-and-often approach to practicing math skills. By practicing personalized math facts in small doses but frequently, learners build their Arithmetic Fact Retrieval at home.

  • Products can support family involvement in learners' math development in homes through reminders, such as prompts to practice Counting or help with homework. They can also provide free digital games to give learners additional opportunities to explore and play with math even when their families are unavailable.
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