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Learner Choice


Providing learners some ownership over their learning is critical for ensuring learning is meaningful and intrinsically motivating. Learner Choice supports Attention, Motivation, and can provide psychological Safety. Choice in math could involve tools, methods, and modalities for exploring ideas, reflecting on solution strategies, and explaining their thinking.

Apply It to Your Learning Environment

  • Ways to promote learner choice in math: selecting which strategy to use to solve a problem, providing multiple ways for learners to demonstrate their knowledge, and allowing learners to decide the sequence of their activities.
  • Encourage learners to take responsibility for their learning by making thoughtful choices, to develop as independent, self-directed learners.
  • Provide a choice of manipulatives for learners to explore their mathematical thinking. Learners are able to establish connections between manipulatives and math concepts best when they have the choice of manipulatives.
  • Incorporate the use of choice boards.
  • Use breakout rooms like math centers with learners choosing which room to enter based on what they want to do or how they want to engage with the math learning.

Apply It to Product Development

  • Products can offer choice from an array of activities as well as personalization options within the interface. When they are able to be in charge of aspects of their digital learning, learners are more likely to sustain Attention on the tasks and, over time, learn the value of making choices that are optimally challenging.
  • When learners are given the opportunity to choose the game they play, they are more likely to maintain engagement and develop their fact fluency.

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The research review for this strategy was conducted by the LVP team. Application, examples, and resources were sourced with support from our Practitioner Advisory Board.