Digital Promise Signature Workspace

Ebony's Strategies to Support Remote Learning

As Dean of Instruction, Ebony Jones created this workspace to support teachers in the shift to remote instruction and learning.

MY Strategies for teaching with video

Literacy 7-12

When annotating, students engage deeply with a text and make their thinking visible while reading.

Model the Assignment or Skill
Literacy 4-6

By talking through their thinking at each step of a process, teachers can model what learning looks like.

Brief Instruction Steps
Literacy 4-6

Content that is provided in clear, short chunks can support students' Working Memory.

Family Engagement
Literacy 4-6

Students are more likely to come to school when families feel like a valued part of the community.

Graphic Organizer
Literacy 4-6

Visualizing how ideas fit together helps students construct meaning and strengthens their recall.

Literacy 4-6

Reading aloud regularly exposes students to new and familiar Vocabulary and texts.

Explaining Their Thinking
Literacy 4-6

When students explain their thinking process aloud, they recognize the strategies they use and solidify their understanding.

Literacy 4-6

Providing visuals to introduce, support, or review instruction activates more cognitive processes to support learning.

Advance Graphic Organizer

Literacy PK-3

Advance graphic organizers link prior knowledge to upcoming learning to help students anticipate and understand the structure of new information.