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Triple E Framework and Biomes Lesson

The Triple E Framework, in combination with Learner Factors from the Navigator, is a powerful tool to integrate technology into curriculum to support the whole learner.

Strategies that Engage

Authentic Audiences & Purposes

Literacy 4-6

Writing can become personally meaningful when students have an actual audience and a real purpose for communicating with that audience.

Acting/Role Play

Literacy 4-6

Physically acting out a text enhances reading comprehension.

Multimodal Instruction

Literacy 4-6

Instruction in multiple formats allows students to activate different cognitive skills to understand and remember the steps they are to take in their literacy work.

Strategies that Enhance

Field Trips

Literacy 4-6

Visiting places connected to classroom learning provides opportunities to deepen understanding through firsthand experiences.

Gallery Walk
Literacy 4-6

As students walk through stations working in small groups, the social and physical nature of the learning supports deeper understanding.

Creating Visuals

Literacy 4-6

Students activate more cognitive processes by exploring and representing their understandings in visual form.

Strategies that extend


Literacy 4-6

As students work with and process information by discussing, organizing, and sharing it together, they deepen their understanding.


Literacy 4-6

Providing visuals to introduce, support, or review instruction activates more cognitive processes to support learning.

Reflect on Learning

Literacy 4-6

Providing space and time for students to reflect is critical for moving what they have learned into Long-term Memory.