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Producing Counter-texts


When students write from a non-dominant or marginalized perspective, they consider and give voice to points of view that are often missing. Producing counter-texts or counter-narratives, especially when writing about their own identities, can be a powerful way to share these stories and foster belonging. This can still be an impactful exercise for students with differing identities, building empathy and understanding of other narratives.

Use It in the Classroom

  • Teachers can have students craft counter-texts in response to a text to highlight perspectives that are missing in the original version, building their Critical Literacy and Composition skills. Students can rewrite texts like fairy tales or historical accounts from another's point of view, recognizing the different power structures and biases in the texts. This can be especially effective for challenging stereotypes and empowering students to critically evaluate messages and voice their views.
  • Design It into Your Product

  • Developers can provide students the space to create their own counter-texts. They can offer different mediums, such as comics, video, and spoken word, for students to creatively express their alternative perspectives.
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