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Rich Library: SEL Topics


Books with SEL topics, such as developing friendships and identifying emotions, help teach these skills. A classroom library can provide a wealth of stories for modeling and reflecting on SEL skills and behaviors.

Use It in the Classroom

Watch this teacher incorporate SEL in her read-aloud. Using emotion posters as a tool, this teacher asks her students to infer and name the character's emotions through language and pictures.

  • By incorporating books with SEL lessons, teachers can stimulate discussion on complex topics, such as Emotion and Social Awareness and Relationship Skills, through the lens of a character, allowing students a safe space to reflect and learn. This can also convey the power of books to transport, connect, and challenge students with different experiences, further developing students' Background Knowledge.
  • Design It into Your Product

  • Digital libraries can include a section of books dedicated to SEL topics, as Booksource has done. This allows teachers and students to easily search and find titles that are relevant to them and/or focused on specific SEL skills.
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