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Pre-reading Questioning


Talking with students about what they know about the topic of upcoming work helps activate their Background Knowledge or reveals gaps. When students ask and answer pre-reading questions, they draw connections to what they already know and understand the purpose for reading a text, ultimately leading to increased comprehension.

Use It in the Classroom

Watch how this classroom teacher reviews parts of the book and introduces Vocabulary through pre-reading questioning. By starting the lesson with these pre-reading questions, learners are better oriented and equipped to comprehend the book.

  • Spending even a short time on pre-reading activities that involve students in the themes, concepts, and Vocabulary of a text can stimulate their curiosity and relevant Background Knowledge. These activities draw students into the reading process and prepare them to engage with a text. Furthermore, this introduction can provide valuable support and guidance for students on where to focus their Attention when reading.
  • Design It into Your Product

  • Incorporating pre-reading questions or activities promotes increased readiness to engage with a text by activating learners' Background Knowledge. Developers can use multimedia activities to support learners' exploration of new Vocabulary and allow them to make predictions about the text.
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