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Rich Library: Poetry


With rhyming and creative word use, poetry is a genre that supports the development of early literacy skills in particular. Diverse collections of poetry can also engage all learners in meaningful Verbal Reasoning and deeper understanding of Emotions.

Use It in the Classroom

  • As the first genre that most children hear, poetry serves as a way to extend children's Background Knowledge to develop relevant meanings to them. Rhyming poetry in particular increases reading confidence for developing readers, and as they read and listen to poetry, their enthusiasm to read more can grow.
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    iF Poems includes 270 classic poems and audio recordings. With charming illustrations and the ability to browse poems based on category or age, this app allows learners to enjoy a full range of poetry.

  • Digital libraries can provide collections of poetry to strengthen learners' fluency, Phonological Awareness, Alphabet Knowledge, and Vocabulary. Poetry is also a great resource to build social-emotional learning, especially with regards to Social Awareness & Relationship Skills. ### Use It in the Classroom