Adult Learner

Systems Change


Bringing learners' everyday literacy practices such as text chats into instruction provides regular, low-stakes practice communicating with authentic audiences. In synchronous chats with peers, students can practice Composition skills and view models of how others convey ideas through informal writing. When adult learners with different Primary Languages text chat in English with each other in real-time, research has shown that the complexity and sophistication of their language use increases, improving Oral Communication Skills as well.

Use It In Your Learning Environment

Structuring text chats around real-world or information-sharing tasks can spur conversation and increase Motivation. Synchronous text chats may ease anxiety in learners who are reluctant to participate in spoken discussions, and the running log of the interaction can support learners with lower Speed of Processing or Working Memory. Products provide the means for instructors to integrate text chats into their courses through chat functionalities. Shared text chats can serve both academic and social functions to support engagement with the class content and with peers, particularly in a virtual learning context.

Factors Supported by this Strategy