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Rich Resources: Diversity


Multicultural resources, such as posters with different types of people and word problems based in different settings, allow all students to see themselves in their math work, supporting their identity development and Sense of Beloning. Having materials in the classroom that reflect the diverse experiences of all students allows each student to connect with and see themselves in their own learning. This strategy is one that supports the practice of culturally responsive teaching and is meant to be used with other strategies that also allow representation of all learners in the curriculum.

Use It in the Classroom

Listen to Gary Howard and a group of teachers discuss Culturally Responsive Teaching and tangible practices for the classroom. Classroom footage also illustrates principles of Culturally Responsive Teaching, including affirming students' cultural connections, stressing collectivity as well as individuality, and managing the classroom with firm, consistent, caring control.

  • Providing diverse materials in the classroom deepens learners' self-understanding and understanding of others, positively impacting their perceptions of themselves and each other. Diverse resources also allow different voices to be heard and validated that may not already exist in the classroom.
  • Design It into Your Product

  • Designing an online library of resources that highlights diverse perspectives and experiences allows learners to encounter examples of people and places that reflect their own experiences and also develop an appreciation for others. When learners are able to discover math that reflects their own authentic experiences, their Motivation grows.
  • Factors Supported by this Strategy