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Graphic Organizers


Graphic organizers help learners Visualize how ideas fit together which helps them construct meaning and strengthen recall. Graphic organizers outsource the memory demands of a task by mimicking the brain's mental schema, supporting students' cognitive development and, in turn, their problem-solving skills. For learners with low Working Memory, graphic organizers hold onto the information for them.

Apply It to Your Learning Environment

  • Graphic organizers also scaffold problem solving by breaking down math problems into concrete, sequential steps.
  • Learners can organize their mathematical thinking and represent their work in a clear, methodical way.
  • Ensure learners understand how to use the graphic organizer structure to support Working Memory, so they can attend to the mathematical thinking.
  • In digital environments, graphic organizers can be used for both synchronous or asynchronous mathematical thinking, independently or in small groups in breakout rooms.
  • Remember to ensure the graphic organizer matches the task and includes brief instruction steps to support Working Memory.

Watch how this third grade teacher models using a graphic organizer to solve a word problem. By integrating the mnemonic device "UPS" with a graphic organizer, students are prompted to strategically think and explain their mathematical reasoning.

Apply It to Product Development

  • Graphic organizers that can be manipulated—layout, shapes, colors, fonts—provide even more support for developing mathematicians.
  • Provide a way for learners to collaborate within graphic organizers and receive feedback within the platform.
  • Provide easy access to the graphic organizers used when solving math problems.

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