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Home Literacy Environment

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A student's Home Literacy Environment (HLE) is the environment parents and caregivers provide to help them gain early literacy skills. Children who develop early literacy skills before starting school by talking to and reading books with caregivers often learn to read in school more easily and quickly. Providing extra classroom supports and resources for families that strengthen the HLE can help create an equal foundation for all students.

Main Ideas

HLE is critical for growth in early literacy skills before a child enters kindergarten as many children's books have more diverse Vocabulary and complex Syntax than children hear in typical conversation. HLE is multifaceted involving many aspects of literacy and print exposure, including:

  • The availability of reading and writing materials in the home;
  • Time that parents and caregivers spend reading to their children;
  • The instruction parents and caregivers provide when their children are learning how to read and write;
  • Literacy skills of parents and caregivers; and
  • The value parents and caregivers place on literacy, such as whether they are avid readers themselves.

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