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Students develop reading skills by listening to and speaking with others in informal ways. When learners think about a question then discuss their thoughts with a partner before sharing with the larger group, everyone participates and practices their skills. Pairing students after a writing prompt to share drafts and other writing resources can also help support Foundational Writing Skills.

Use It in the Classroom

Watch this Reading Rockets video of a second grade teacher reviewing think-pair-share with her class and applying it to a read-aloud. By having individual think time, students are more equipped to process and answer questions meaningfully. They are also held accountable for maintaining their Attention with a peer, which contributes to a more fruitful discussion.

  • Using this process in book discussions allows learners with varying Speeds of Processing to collect their thoughts before participating. Additionally, listening and sharing ideas with a partner helps develop communication skills and offers practice in Self-Regulation when considering another point of view.
  • Design It into Your Product

  • Providing support that encourages increased participation is especially important in building learners' confidence for sharing ideas. A teacher or developer can create prompts or structured partner/small group discussions so students have the opportunity to think, try, and workshop their ideas in a low-stakes environment.
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