Digital Promise Signature Workspace

K.D.'s: At-Home Learning Environment

This workspace was created by K.D. Meucci, a member of the Learner Variability Project's Practitioner Advisory Board. It is designed for parents who want to set up an at-home learning center for their children and tie in academic, physical and social & emotional needs.

My strategies

Discussing Emotions

Literacy 4-6

Teaching students how to label, identify, and manage emotions helps them learn Inhibition & Self-Regulation skills.

Encourage Student Self-advocacy

Literacy 4-6

Overtly encouraging all students to seek support and ask questions creates a safe space for risk-taking and skill development.

Family Engagement

Literacy 4-6

Students whose families are involved and feel valued within the school community are less likely to miss school, which research has shown can cause students to fall behind academically.

Individual Spaces

Literacy 4-6

Having spaces where students can go supports self-regulation and individual deliberate practice.

Movement Breaks

Literacy 4-6

Brain breaks that include movement allow learners to refresh their thinking and focus on learning new information.

Positive Self-talk

Literacy 4-6

When students reframe negative thoughts and tell themselves kind self-statements, they practice positive self-talk.

Predictability: Environment & Structure

Literacy 4-6

Maintaining consistent classroom routines and schedules ensures that students are able to trust and predict what will happen next.

Sound Level

Literacy 4-6

Providing ways for students to adjust sound level supports individual auditory needs.

Student Choice

Literacy 4-6

Providing students a voice in their learning is critical for making learning meaningful.


Literacy 4-6

Providing ways for students to meet their individual temperature needs supports Attention and Inhibition & Self-Regulation.


Literacy 4-6

Timers help students learn how to self-pace and transition.

Uncluttered Environment

Literacy 4-6

Spaces that are structured, organized, and clean provide increased room for collaboration and active learning.