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Accessible Vocabulary & Syntax


Using language that is accessible and appropriately leveled for each student allows all learners to feel successful and participate in learning. When instructors incorporate challenging but accessible Vocabulary words in their instruction, they create an environment where learners can build upon Foundational Reading Skills and feel comfortable practicing, applying, and expanding their knowledge. By modeling complex Syntax in their daily language, instructors repeatedly expose students to sentence structures that they can adopt in their own speech, which is especially valuable for students whose Primary Language is not English.

Use It In Your Learning Environment

Instructors can strategically simplify their Syntax and Vocabulary to relieve students' cognitive load in Working Memory, especially if they need to focus on some other challenging aspect of learning. When teaching Digital Literacy and technological skills, instructors should be careful to keep instruction free of complex jargon.

Products can provide adaptive language that adjusts to the appropriate Vocabulary and Syntax complexity that can be read and understood by learners. They ca