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Read-alouds: Discussing Emotions


Using texts to discuss complex emotions and perspectives with students can help them see how they influence behavior and draw their own personal connections. Through these discussions, students can advance their Vocabulary for describing these feelings and also build their Self-regulation.

Use It in the Classroom

Watch how these high school students discuss emotions through literature in their advisory. As a regular activity, students feel safe to openly share and are part of a learning community. By reading the same novel that surfaces real challenges that are relevant to their lives, they engage in meaningful conversation that connects to each of them personally.

  • Teachers can have students read aloud and discuss in small groups, focusing on different social-emotional skills that are exhibited by characters. As students study and analyze examples of these emotions and skills, they develop their own understanding of Social Awareness & Relationship Skills that can transfer to their own lives.
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    See how self-reflection apps like Mitra can promote social and emotional well-being. Students can record their daily emotions and view their trends, which they can then discuss with others.

  • Developers can categorize texts based on different themes, like empathy or respect, so that teachers and students can easily find relevant texts. Including prompting questions that deepen students' thinking towards these social-emotional competencies and perspective-taking can also be beneficial.
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