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Rich Library: SEL Topics


Books on social and emotional learning (SEL) topics, such as developing empathy and productive persistence, help teach these skills. A classroom library can provide a wealth of stories for modeling and reflecting on SEL skills and behaviors, building students' advanced Vocabulary and ability to express their own emotions and feelings in a more nuanced way.

Use It in the Classroom

Starting at 3:42, watch how these high school students read and discuss complex SEL topics through the lens of the characters. By having access to and reading relevant books that tackle SEL, they can make authentic connections to their readings and build positive relationships with each other.

  • By incorporating books with SEL themes, teachers can stimulate thought-provoking discussions on complex topics through the lens of different characters, allowing students a safe space to reflect and learn. Having access to these books and conversations can also convey the power of books to transport, connect, and challenge students with different experiences, further developing students' Background Knowledge.
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    Learn how the Character Playbook course teaches students essential SEL skills using stories and characters. Students navigate the scenarios and practice SEL skills to respond effectively, while also developing their Vocabulary, Reading Fluency and Inferencing skills.

  • Digital libraries can include a section of books dedicated to SEL topics. This allows teachers and students to easily search and find titles that are relevant to them and/or focused on specific SEL skills.
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