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Non-intensive HLE Intervention Program


A parent evening meeting about how to support literacy at home with one follow-up meeting with each family has shown strong results for students' reading development. The second meeting can consist of an individual reading session that introduces dialogic reading, an interactive technique to encourage children to become tellers of the story, giving parents a strategy for continued reading support for their children.

Use It in the Classroom

Learn how this program encourages families to read together by providing reading materials and strategies. By providing access to books and resources, families and children can read together in their homes and in their Primary Language.

  • Teachers can provide families information and suggestions for providing students more reading and Vocabulary in their homes. They can also facilitate access to books by allowing students to borrow and take home reading materials.
  • Design It into Your Product

  • Products can support family involvement in learners' literacy development in homes through reminders, such as prompts to read together or help with homework. They can also provide through free digital texts and audio books additional opportunities for learners to access age-appropriate materials and hear fluent reading even when their families are unavailable.
  • Factors Supported by this Strategy