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Daily Math Facts Practice


10 minutes in each math session devoted to building fluent retrieval of basic math facts sets the foundation for learning new concepts. During these daily reviews, interweaving (formally interleaving) previously learned facts with new facts also helps create scaffolds for deeper understanding.

Use It in the Classroom

  • The beginning of each math lesson can be a great time for spaced practice to review arithmetic facts. These sessions can be done individually, in small groups, or as a whole class and also through a range of mediums, such as math websites, dry erase boards or pockets, and flash cards. Creating this routine supports students in developing their Arithmetic Fact Retrieval and in applying foundational facts to Operations.
  • Design It into Your Product

    Videos are chosen as examples of strategies in action. These choices are not endorsements of the products or evidence of use of research to develop the feature.

    Learn how Reflex promotes math fact fluency in motivating and playful ways. As learners practice personalized math facts through games, they are highly engaged in mastering their targeted Operations skills and Arithmetic Fact Retrieval.

  • Products can provide a quick, daily review before a lesson or activity as a warm-up. Additionally, many game products focus on Arithmetic Fact Retrieval, offering extensive practice to facilitate automatic retrieval. The interactivity and engaging nature of games can motivates learners to continue practicing math facts.