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Building with Blocks


Building with blocks is ideal for promoting early geometric and Spatial Skills. When students build and explore with blocks, they also develop their Mathematical Flexibility as they test and explore their ideas.

Use It in the Classroom

Watch how this pre-K teacher leads a block building activity that promotes early math reasoning and Spatial Skills. By asking questions throughout the building process, she challenges students to think critically to solve the problems they encounter.

  • When students explore and build with blocks together, through collaborative or guided play, they develop their Language and Relationships Skills, while also building their capacity for creative thinking. Additionally, students can be tasked with a more structured activity, like to build a house from the blocks, which provides them with the opportunity to practice and develop their math and Spatial Skills.
  • Design It into Your Product

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    Learn how Kapu Blocks allows learners to creatively build block towers. Through silly animations and changeable blocks, learners can customize the structures they build and develop their Spatial Skills.

  • Products can create opportunities for learners to freely build structures from digital blocks. By providing a variety of blocks or shapes, learners can explore and push their creative thinking. Including a social element by allowing learners to collaborate with others also expands the breadth of their structure design and of their learning.
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