Math PK-2

Systems Change


Rhyming, alliteration, and other sound devices reinforce math skills development by activating the mental processes that promote memory. By singing math songs, students actively practice their Language skills and start to move these math concepts into Long-term Memory.

Use It in the Classroom

Watch this kindergarten class sing songs to popular tunes to practice skip Counting. Through rhyme and rhythm, these songs facilitate student development of Language Skills and number knowledge.

  • Singing number songs, particularly ones with rhyming, develops learners' Counting skills and supports their Working Memory.
  • Design It into Your Product

    Videos are chosen as examples of strategies in action. These choices are not endorsements of the products or evidence of use of research to develop the feature.

    Watch how Math Songs: Addition provides sing-along videos for learners to practice and master the addition facts skills of Operations. With colorful visuals and repetition, this app facilitates increased Arithmetic Fact Retrieval and retention in Long-term Memory.

  • Students can also create their own math songs. Digital features such as simple coding, recording, playback, and touch screen can capture these songs and even videos of the students singing the songs for sharing with others.