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Braille & Audio Supports


Adding audio and braille-based resources along with materials, activities, and games to help young children develop simple mathematical concepts supports math development not just for learners with visual needs but all learners. id="use-it-in-your-learning-environment">Use It In Your Learning Environment

Watch how this inclusive preschool integrates multisensory activities to teach early math concepts. By tracing physical shapes and repeating this on the body, all students, including ones with visual needs, develop a better understanding of shapes and the associated vocabulary.

Apply It In Your Learning Environment

  • Including hands-on experiences, such as puzzles, shapes, and objects, and audio supports, such as math talk recordings, support the development of Spatial Skills and number sense, also strengthening concepts for young learners.
  • To foster deep understanding of Cardinality and Symbolic Number, teachers can provide manipulatives for students to count and match with the number in print or braille. They can also demonstrate number relations with different groupings of manipulatives and model Operations or Estimation with these concrete objects.
  • Including multisensory activities along with books, such as those that allow learners to trace physical shapes, can be useful to teach early math concepts in an embodied way.
  • Pre-recorded books that engage in the concepts in multiple ways can help fill the gaps in understanding that just text-to-voice services may not provide.
  • Provide audio supports for all directions.
  • Including alternative texts for all pictures ensures that all students have access to nuances and not just the major information.
  • Visual difficulties is not a homogenous category, and including multiple solutions for learners with different combinations of needs is important, and can also benefit all learners.

Apply It To Product Development

Use It in the Classroom

  • Support varying visual needs by verbally describing mathematical concepts and problems. This type of audio support is especially important for word problems.
  • Design It into Your Product

  • Provide the option of writing or reading numbers in braille.
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