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Pre-reading Questioning


Helping students think about what they know about the topic of upcoming work helps activate their Background Knowledge or reveals gaps. When students ask and answer pre-reading questions, they draw connections to what they already know and understand the purpose for reading a text, ultimately leading to increased comprehension.

Use It in the Classroom

Watch how this sixth grade teacher reviews potential questions to ask before partner reading. By asking students to brainstorm some pre-reading questions, learners are better oriented and equipped to comprehend the chapter.

  • Spending even a short time on pre-reading activities that involve students in the themes, concepts, and Vocabulary of a text can stimulate their curiosity and relevant Background Knowledge. These activities draw students into the reading process and prepare them to engage with a text. Furthermore, this introduction can provide valuable support and guidance for students on where to focus their Attention when reading.
  • Design It into Your Product

  • Incorporating pre-reading questions or activities promotes increased readiness to engage with a text by activating learners' Background Knowledge. Developers can use multimedia activities to support learners' exploration of new Vocabulary and allow them to make predictions about the text.
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