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When adults monitor their comprehension, performance, and use of strategies when learning they become more invested in their work, build their Metacognition, and actively participate in the process. Helping learners self-assess their behavior helps develop their Self-regulation, monitor their comprehension during reading, and think through strategies during math tasks. Self-monitoring also supports critical thinking and Problem Solving skills.

Use It In Your Learning Environment

Self-monitoring can occur in the classroom and beyond. Explaining your thinking during reading, writing, or Problem Solving can promote memory and benefit strategy selection, pacing, and study habits. In the learning environment, instructors can start by modeling their thinking or provide prompts. Instructors or product developers can promote self-monitoring of progress in relation to a goal by providing prompts, guides, or checklists. This allows learners to better regulate their own learning, and gives them the tools to independently solve problems.

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