Literacy 7-12

Systems Change


Students build their confidence, strategy use, and comprehension by reading and rereading multiple texts. Rereading promotes greater Reading Fluency and accuracy in reading, while also supporting deeper comprehension of the text. Reiterating the practice of rereading as a positive habit builds students' confidence in their reading.

Use It in the Classroom

Watch how this sixth grade teacher teaches and modeles strategies to understand an informational text, including rereading. The teacher helps guide his students through the habits of good readers and emphasizes rereading for understanding.

  • Teachers can model different comprehension strategies during a read-aloud and ask students to reread the text to practice those strategies independently or in pairs. Teachers can also have students read short texts multiple times, setting different purposes for reading. This can help build Critical Literacy skills and support close reading of texts.
  • Design It into Your Product

    Videos are chosen as examples of strategies in action. These choices are not endorsements of the products or evidence of use of research to develop the feature.

    Learn how Newsela encourages rereading through predesigned or teacher curated text sets. Each text is paired with comprehension questions, annotation prompts, and other activities. For example, students can be given guidelines to color coordinate annotations in the text and are prompted to go back and pick out this information after a first read. This allows learners to explore literary texts and practice Disciplinary Literacy, while promoting deeper reading.

  • Developers can create platforms where teachers can assign students content-specific readings in which students are required to read for a variety of purposes. Ideally, these digital texts would have annotation and interactive capabilities to increase student engagement with the text.
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