Literacy 7-12

Systems Change

Peer Teaching


Having students teach their knowledge, skills, and understanding to their classmates strengthens learning and increases Motivation. Preparing to teach and communicating conceptual information can increase Disciplinary Literacy and Vocabulary, while supporting greater retention in Long-term Memory. Reading aloud during peer tutoring can also help increase Reading Fluency.

Use It in the Classroom

  • Teachers can invite students to give a presentation to the whole class or to teach in coordination with them to foster the student teachers' confidence. Peer teaching has been shown to be most effective among older students, particularly when rewards are involved. Teachers can create small rewards systems, such as points and privileges to increase student participation. (Note: We emphasize teachers' active involvement in peer teaching because it is critical for them to know if students teach material accurately so that they can support the student teacher's and their classmates' understanding.)
  • Design It into Your Product

  • Products can include features where students can record video, audio, or written explanations of certain concepts or reading material. Developers can also create an online space where students can access a library of these explanations with the ability to ask questions and comment to peers and teachers to increase communication and understanding.
  • Factors Supported by this Strategy