Adult Learner

Systems Change

Ask Experts


Experts can answer questions and provide vocabulary, processes, feedback, and scaffolds to help learners deepen their understanding. They can also facilitate deeper discussion and Metacognition, provide alternative perspectives, and provoke additional questioning that builds a Learner Mindset.

Use It In Your Learning Environment

Providing opportunities to bring in experts can support learners as they ask questions, invite feedback and critique, and seek to better understand concepts and information. Access to experts can be in the form of live interviews, guest speakers, visitations, panel discussions, online forums, podcasts, curated webinars, video playlists, and a growing number of other options being developed. Edtech products can build in features that allow communication between learners and experts. When bringing in experts, it is important to ensure that they represent the context in which the learning is taking place and the learners themselves.

Intelligently designed chatbots can provide expert information while minimizing response time. They provide instant access to relevant information, support learner agency, and can support just-in-time learning on demand.

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