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Skills Sprint


Skills sprints are focused, real world learning experiences for teams in which participants learn new skills while directly designing, developing, or delivering something to their organization. Skills sprints can help develop leadership, collaboration, Cognitive Flexibility, and Problem Solving skills while building skill sets through active learning.

Use It In Your Learning Environment

When creating skill sprints for teams, it is important to ensure there is a subject matter expert as one of the leaders to provide the guidance, Vocabulary, and support needed while learning the skills. Avoiding Stereotype Threat is critical, so awareness and effort toward minimizing implicit biases and maintaining high expectations will be important.

Sharing knowledge and learning with each other is core to the experiential nature of skill sprints. Collaborative rather than competitive structures should be in place to foster a Learner Mindset and support Social and Relationship Skills.

The culmination of a skills sprint should involve the presentation of what was learned, how it was learned, and why it is useful in the context. This process should maximize reflection to further support Metacognition and Reasoning.