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Giving learners the opportunity to share their knowledge, skills, and understanding with others strengthens learning and increases Motivation while also building Social Supports. Preparing to coach and communicating conceptual information can increase Foundational Reading Skills, while supporting greater retention of information and skills into Long-term Memory. Learning different perspectives from coaches or mentors can also build Cognitive Flexibility.

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Adult learners benefit from opportunities to learn from their experts in different contexts. Learners who have been negatively affected by Adverse Experiences, English language learners, first generation college students, and adults from marginalized populations benefit greatly from having a mentor in the workplace or learning environment who can provide a sense of Safety, build Social Supports, foster intrinsic Motivation, and encourage academic persistence which contributes to a Learner Mindset. Before building a coaching or mentoring program, it is important to be aware of potential cognitive biases and how they could influence mentorship programs in the workplace.

Products can include features where learners can record video, audio, or written explanations of certain concepts or reading material. Developers can also create an online space where learners can access a library of these explanations with the ability to ask questions and comment to peers and instructors to increase communication and understanding. Digital products using artificial intelligence can support the creation of mentorships or coaching opportunities based on strengths and needs.

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