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Explicit Instruction: Phonics


Adult learners who are struggling with Foundational Reading Skills, including decoding and phonemic awareness, can benefit from explicitly learning phonics skills in an educational setting. Phonics instruction specifically addresses word level reading and connecting letters to sounds. These skills help learners to read and later to comprehend text. Direct instruction that resembles early reading instruction aids in adult literacy learning, particularly as adult readers may need to unlearn ineffective reading and writing habits. This process for adults requires explicit teaching and sufficient practice using language to ensure retention of skills for transfer into Long-term Memory.

Use It In Your Learning Environment

During periods of direct instruction, instructors could explicitly teach the components of phonics. This can include modeling and showing visual examples. Instructors should emphasize learning goals and outcomes to help adults see personal relevance in learning and increase Motivation. This can include setting objectives with corresponding smaller goals to help guide teaching.

Explicit lessons can be done in person or virtually through a variety of learning platforms. Virtual lessons can include instructor created slideshow presentations, videos, and audio files. Online platforms and workspaces could include a space to store these files for on-demand access for frequent rehearsal to aid in absorbing information into Long-term Memory. Additionally, products should include chat and comment features to allow learners to interact with instructors, particularly when they have questions or concerns.