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Formative Assessment


Formative assessment is "assessment for learning" rather than "assessment of learning". In terms of lifelong and lifewide learning, it is often called "learning-oriented assessment", since the focus is on fostering a Learner Mindset by providing feedback, reflection, and revision opportunities rather than evaluation. Embedding assessments throughout instructional activities for feedback and growth opportunities rather than evaluation of achievement, serves a variety of purposes in instructional settings. Learners have the opportunity to make mistakes in a low-risk environment, receive meaningful feedback from the instructor to understand their progress, and revise their work to support a cycle of learning. Formative activities and assessments also help to inform instruction as instructors also gain meaningful information about learner progress. These activities can positively boost learner Emotion and intrinsic Motivation, helping to ease academic anxiety as the emphasis is placed on the learning process rather than final achievement.

Use It In Your Learning Environment

Immediate feedback is a critical element of formative assessment, since it allows learners to monitor their own progress, engage in