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Pre-reading Questioning


When instructors ask questions or have learners create questions before introducing a text, they activate interest, increase Motivation, and help them assess what they already know about a given topic. This process can also help teachers understand any misconceptions or gaps in learner Background Knowledge, particularly when introducing new concepts. When learners ask and answer pre-reading questions, they draw connections to what they already know and understand the purpose for reading a text, ultimately leading to increased comprehension. This can also help increase retention of new Numeracy skills and concepts.

Use It In Your Learning Environment

Spending even a short time on pre-reading activities that involve learners in the themes, concepts, and Vocabulary of a text can stimulate their interest and relevant Background Knowledge. Instructors can have learners complete pre-reading questionnaires to help preview the content of a text. Learners can also generate their own questions about a text prior to reading. These types of introductions can provide valuable support and guidance for Learners on where to focus their Attention when reading. Identifying misconceptions prior to instruction can help personalize instruction and promote deeper understanding.

Developers can use multimedia activities to support learners' exploration of new texts and allow them to make predictions and question texts. This can be done through interactive forms and commenting features. Products focusing on specific content can be designed to begin learning experiences with questions that can provide insight for adaptive engines to guide learners, ensuring new learning is built upon a solid foundation of conceptual understanding.

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