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Multimodal Instruction


Instruction and training presented in multiple formats allows learners to activate different cognitive skills and Background Knowledge that are necessary to remember procedural and content information. Using text, visuals, gestures, audio, and digital formats facilitates retention of information into Short- and Long-term Memory and helps to accommodate learner preferences.

Use It In Your Learning Environment

During periods of direct instruction, instructors can employ a variety of techniques including presenting information through visuals, posters, and text on boards, or through digital tools, to reinforce important concepts. Digital resources can be compiled into an on-demand collection to help learners access multimodal information on their own schedules.

Products can readily and thoughtfully leverage color, graphics, animation, and sound for instructions to draw Attention to salient pieces of information and support both Short- and Long-term Memory. Additionally, developers should provide the ability for instructors and learners to access and utilize various digital presentation tools including videos, online texts, and slide-type presentations in an on-demand format.