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Authentic Audiences & Purposes


When adults can connect and communicate with authentic audiences about their interests and values, learning becomes more personally meaningful and relevant. Adults can develop their voices and arguments as they express their views on topics they are passionate about. Giving learners the space and agency to share their stories also conveys the importance of their contribution to the broader society and deepens their Motivation.

Use It In Your Learning Environment

Adult learners must see the benefit of their learning tasks to truly engage. Working with learners to identify topics, tasks, and purposes that are relevant and appealing to them can help generate ideas for their writing. Designing opportunities that allow learners a choice to explore their interests, connect material to their prior experiences, and write about personally relevant causes develops their Composition and Disciplinary Literacy.

Adult learners can also take advantage of informal learning opportunities in the workplace to complete authentic job-related tasks. Learners should practice different kinds of writing, including communicating effectively with their audience through descriptive and informative writing, sharing their sentiments in narrative forms, taking a position on an issue, or presenting a solution through persuasive and analytical writing. Apps and websites can serve as platforms for learners to connect with a wider, global audience through blogs and other formats, thereby supporting digital Social Awareness & Relationship Skills and interaction with others who are passionate about similar topics.

Additional Resources

Additional examples, research, and professional development. These resources are possible representations of this strategy, not endorsements.