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Mindfulness Activities


Mindfulness is a practice to create internal balance and a sense of being present in the moment. Through short, frequent mindfulness activities, adults can develop their awareness and ability to focus Attention, which can mitigate negative effects of heavy media-multitasking and general cognitive decline. Mindfulness exercises can also enhance academic performance, support adults' Physical Well-being and mental health, and improve Sleep. Self-regulation and Inhibition can be strengthened by practicing mindfulness techniques.

Use It In Your Learning Environment

Instructors can equip learners with mindfulness practices to use as a part of their daily routine and to use them when they are feeling anxious or stressed. Some potential mindfulness activities include physical relaxation techniques, mindful walk-abouts, mindful breathing, active listening exercises, and emotional awareness exercises. These meditative activities can also reduce stress and anxiety in the learning environment or workplace to ultimately support improved performance. Products interested in incorporating mindfulness into their tools could do so through sensory experiences, guided imagery, and movement.

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