Literacy 4-6

Systems Change


Students practice making and finding meaning in their reading through a book club model. Students' Motivation to read can increase when they choose their own books, and time to discuss questions, observations, and connections in a social environment can help build Background Knowledge, Genre Knowledge, and Vocabulary.

Use It in the Classroom

Watch as these fourth grade students talk about their questions and observations about the books they are reading. As they discuss the books they have chosen, they animatedly engage with one another, sharing Background Knowledge and making inferences and predictions that strengthen Verbal Reasoning.

  • Using a workshop model can help support student discussions. Teachers can give a short lesson focused on a particular type of question or discussion, give students time to try this in their own discussions, then come back together as a group to reflect and share, supporting Metacognition.
  • Design It into Your Product

    Videos are chosen as examples of strategies in action. These choices are not endorsements of the products or evidence of use of research to develop the feature.

    See how Bookopolis allows participants to rate and review books that they have read. These reviews and ratings create a global Literacy Environment and expand readers' Social Supports, as they share books with peers all around the world.

  • Designers can provide a full library of texts to be used in a book club and ways for students reading the same text to post questions and thoughts as they read with features like shared annotations. Another design idea is to embed audio or text-to-speech options, allowing all students to access the text and participate in discussions.
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